MIT/Whitehead Institute

Event website

Whitehead Institute, an affiliate of MIT, holds a major event annually to engage the community and attract new donors. We assisted in developing the event theme, "Experience Bolder Biology," developed the event website, and designed the print and electronic invitations.

John Flanagan, Musician

Artist/personal website

Emerging Los Angeles-based pop artist John Flanagan released his debut album, "Pretty Lies," in 2013. We designed John's official website, which innovatively aggregates the artist's social media feeds to attract and engage fans.

Boston Grind Coffee Co.

Corporate website

With an environmentally-responsible approach to coffee at work, Boston Grind Coffee Co. provides gourmet single-serve coffee machines to businesses in the Boston area. We developed the branding for Boston Grind and designed the corporate website, which features a product showcase and interactive price comparisons.

Davis Dodgeball

Promotional website

"Davis Dodgeball" won the world-championship in Las Vegas in 2014, and is now garnering corporate sponsorships and national attention. We photographed the (fun-loving) team and designed a promotional, single-page website built on a custom Wordpress theme.

The Postdocs

Campaign website

The postdoctoral researchers of Whitehead Institute and MIT rank among the world's most talented and brilliant young scientists. We developed a brand new campaign web series, "The Postdocs," to promote postdoctoral research. We developed the concept, photographed the postdocs, wrote the copy and designed the campaign website.